We are excited to announce that Tamiami Baptist Church along with Christ City Church, Reconcile Church Miami and Glendale Missionary Baptist Church, will be putting on a conference celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

The conference will be hosted at: Glendale Missionary Baptist Church at 14580 SW 117th Ave. Miami, Fl. 

Our purpose is to promote Christ centered teaching and practice in our city so that Christ alone be exalted in Miami. We will have worship, teaching, and question and answer time celebrating and promoting key elements of Reformed Theology and its importance in the Miami context. 

The following is a breakdown of the sessions: 
Session 1: How grace was lost in history, covered by former White Horse Inn host Pastor Ken Jones. 
Session 2: How grace was recovered in history, covered by Pastor David Menendez. 
Session 3: How we dispense grace in our context, covered by Pastor Jose Prado 
Session 4: How grace is unleashed in our context, covered by Pastor Aldo Leon.

Here are some key elements to keep in mind: 
• Conference is ENTIRELY free. Our desire is to make this available to all. 
• Food will be provided during the first portion of the conference on Friday night (dinner) and the second part of the conference on Saturday morning (heavy breakfast and snacks throughout the morning). 
• Child care will be provided throughout both sections of the conference at no cost (Friday night and Saturday morning).

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